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Fostering economic and social development for those most in need through supporting scientific research, accessible education, and investments into sustainable technology driven businesses.

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Supporting Research of Dr. Naira Hovakimyan at UUIC

Accessible STEM Education

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PIERIS Fund is delighted to support this initiative to build a library and playground in Artsakh’s village of Vaghuhas. Learn here an all-inspiring story about this resilient village of hard working people and 235 children that live there.

PIERIS Fund is a proud member of the GITUZH. Learn here about the mission of this community.

The International Judo Center in collaboration with Armenia Judo Federation and PIERIS fund are organizing the U18 Judo camp! About 15 athletes from USA and Canada will join at site of Armenian Judo Federation for 2 weeks of training, competing, listening to lectures by influential educators, taking trips to archeological sites and modern research facilities.

Cultivating expertise in STEM will attract hi-tech industry recruitment, will foster initiation of startups, and will spur development of multi-disciplinary scientific community. We are convinced that proliferation of modern STEM education will lead to change in mindset and will enrich social values amongst the youth and will contribute to recuperation of national ideology.